Design is not how it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works

                      Mobile apps are not only the new digital hub, but a bridge to the physical world

                      You have the Idea, we have the team to make it happen

                      When the lens of your eye meet the lens of the virtual world, a new reality is created

                      Pushing the world into a new technological ERA. The future is now!

                      OUR CLIENTS

                      CASE STUDIES

                      St.John’s Tracking

                      Helping global companies charter uncharted waters by delivering impeccable solutions to a leading service provider in Shipping and Logistics.

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                      3C Kidz Care

                      Access to Australia’s leading outside school hours Kids Care made easy

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                      Your one stop solution for apartment services and maintenance.

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                      Blockchain Hashed Care

                      Impacting the world with impeccable security and Integrated Healthcare.

                      The future is Now.

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                      Ruah Virtual Mart

                      An out of the world experience, we take you beyond what your eyes can see.

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                      OUR PHILOSOPHY

                      We don’t claim to hold the mystery to our universe neither do we claim to take you to the moon (well, we might actually), but With us you can expect one thing – 100% commitment.

                      We are committed to

                      • Journeying with you (We are in for the long haul)
                      • Be transparent (That Integrity thing, we care about it a lot)
                      • Watch you succeed (The ‘why’ behind our existence)

                      We know failure is not a bad word, so when we are stuck up, we will admit that we need your patience. We don’t have ego’s so when we are cracking new boundaries, we will be honest that you are also the reason for our success.

                      We celebrate our team, they are the reason we can confidently eyeball our client with words like “You can count on us” because we are counting on them. So when it comes to our employees, we have their back coz they are family.

                      We care for our world because we believe we have a responsibility to steward the earth. Yes, and that means from planting saplings to feeding the underprivileged. We aim to do our part.

                      To us, Success is not a destination but a Journey. Let’s make it count.

                      OUR BLOG

                      Data Analytics and BI

                      Transforming your data into actionable intelligence is what Ruah Tech, a Melbourne-based data analytics and BI service provider specialises in. In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, the abi

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                      Digital Strategy and Marketing

                      In today’s dynamic world where customers are increasingly going digital, it is imperative for businesses to realise the value of a well-designed digital strategy. At Ruah Tech, a leading digital marketing age

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                      10 Web Development Trends to Keep in Mind While Building a Website in 2017

                      The field of web design & development is improving at an exponential rate. It is becoming extremely difficult to keep pace with the changing times. This makes it imperative for web developers to stay abreas

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                      WordPress is the Best CMS Platform for Your Website and Here is Why

                      Choosing a platform is the first and foremost decisions that you will make for your new website. Your CMS (Content Management System) is going to determine how well your website runs, along with the tools and c

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                      Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

                      2016 was a fantastic year for the app economy and 2017 is all set to be another phenomenally progressive year. The number of companies embracing the mobile-first mindset is continuously showing an upward trajec

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                      Find Out How Big Data Analytics is Playing an Integral Role in Driving Digital Marketing Success

                      It is the digital age where everyone is wired in. Smartphones, hundreds of television channels, tablets, thousands of apps, e-commerce websites and social media are a part of everyday culture. In the not so

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                      Watch out for these 9 Trends in Cloud

                      In 2016, IaaS public cloud computing experts have realised the ascent of a few vendors that have brought about a marked difference in the organisations using them. These vendors, Google, Amazon Web Services, Go

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                      Top trends that will reshape Australian businesses

                      IOT The Internet Of Things (IOT) won't just remain a buzzword with 5G being introduced. IOT which is a network of interrelated computer devices with the ability to tran

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                      No matter where you are,
                      We are always there for you

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